Case-Mate Tough Case voor Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Zwart


Artikelnummer: CM017195

Product referentie: 33112

Ga in de verdediging met de sterke Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tough Case van Case-Mate.

Waarom kopen?

  • Voor actieve lifestyles - wandelen, joggen of zelfs sporten
  • Verbeterde stofdichte bescherming van de functionaliteiten
  • Volledige toegang tot alle poorten en knoppen
  • Silicone huid met een ABS kunststof omhulsel met grijs patroontje

  • Aanvullende informatie

    Ga in de verdediging met de Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tough case. Gemaakt van een interne silicone huid en een harde schelp aan de buitenkant, combineert de sterke case hoge kwaliteit bescherming De dubbele laag wapent tegen gemorrel. Een silicone huid sluit nauw om het volledige apparaat om schokken en stoten op te vangen. De ABS kunststof harde schelp omhult de huid voor extra bescherming, en biedt een goede grip. 

    • Dubbele laag van siloconen en ABS kunstof 
    • Vorm omvat rug en hoeken
    • Toegang tot alle poorten en functionaliteiten
    Case-Mate Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Black

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    3 December 2012
    Très bonne protection, moins difficile que ce que je craignais à mettre en place et plutôt élégante.
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    7 maart 2012
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Good case for protecting your phone.
    East to fit and has 2 parts one soft section which goes on first and then the tough section on top. Has edging on screen to help protect the screen edges. holes for connections are perfect so you can still connect, and the power/volume buttons are part of the outer case extended by the case and still work well. Does not add much weight or size to the phone. In all worth the price for a good protection of my phone.
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    James Carrington
    North Yorkshire

    16 januari 2012
    Sleek yet tough
    I was a bit worried about this case being too bulky and ugly before I bought it. However I was really surprised to find that it actually 'improves' the look and feel of the phone, in my opinion, of course. The phone feels much more substantial with this case. The combination of silicon and matte finishes make the phone feel really nice in your hand, with added grip so you can do most things with just one hand without worrying about the phone slipping from your grip. I also really like the textured feel on the back of the case, both from a look and feel perspective. I can also confirm that it does in fact work really as protection for your phone. I knocked mine off of the window ledge in our bathroom onto our tiled flaw a few weeks ago, it bounced and landed face down. I'd say that the case paid for itself right there in that instant! LoL. I've dropped my phone twice now onto hard surfaces, I'm a little accident prone lately, i guess. So far this case has really impressed me. It's designed really well, fits perfectly, improves the look and feel of the phone, and protects your expensive purchase! Two thumbs up from me.
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    Bedoni Christian
    Thonon les bains

    12 januari 2012
    Un peu difficile à mettre en place, sinon parfait.
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    18 December 2011
    Avis casemate Galaxy Nexus
    Malgré une expédition plutôt longue, j'ai reçu le colis bien emballé, conforme à ce qui était prévu :) Etant donné que c'est un cadeau, il n'a pas encore été essayé mais il est identique aux photos du site et la qualité est au rendez-vous ! A voir après essayage :)
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